Shared Office: Discover the Main Advantages for your Business


Many changes have occurred in the world of work over the last few years and coworking spaces are a perfect example of our new approach to work. Conventional work is slowly vanishing to make space for new ways of working such as hybrid work, flexitime, shared office, job-sharing, etc. While coworking is often seen as an ideal workplace solution for digital nomads, it is also a great extra option for companies. Are you wondering why and how you can benefit from this concept? deskbird, as an expert in flexible work, shares with you the main advantages of this kind of modern workplace.

What is meant by coworking spaces?


Coworking spaces started to appear at the beginning of the 2000s. Back then, people working from shared working places were mainly freelancers and entrepreneurs, their main workplace options were nearby coffee shops or their homes.

Since 2000, shared offices have become a real business not only answering the needs of these digital nomads but also companies. The concept is simple. Workers can come at almost any time, sometimes even 24/7. They do their job in a workspace shared with other independent workers or employees from different companies.

This type of working space can offer a single desk for more privacy, meeting rooms dedicated to teams and of course, collaborative areas. This creates a powerful melting pot of people from various backgrounds with different skills. It also allows employees to perform in a work environment that matches their needs and to apply an activity-based working. However, there are many more benefits coming from the use of coworking spaces for your company. This is what we aim at showing you with this article.

What are the benefits of a shared office?



More is more — giving your employees the opportunity to work from home and to have more flexible schedules definitely enhances their productivity. However, offering them the chance to perform in coworking spaces can also help them to be more productive. Indeed, being surrounded by other working people can be a source of motivation to get things done efficiently while avoiding loneliness. It also offers them more autonomy and can improve their creative skills more than if they would be alone at home.

Worklife structure

Even though the home office has proven a lot of advantages, it can sometimes trigger issues such as the lack of working structure. On one side, some of our employees may struggle to be motivated and procrastinate. On the other hand, others may work a lot more than they should. First, they don’t see the time flying and may end up focusing on a task out of their scheduled time. Second, they don’t have the sign that it’s time to stop like on-site when everybody leaves the office. Providing a coworking solution may help them to structure their day and, therefore, have a better work-life balance.

Workspace variety


As we explain in our article about activity-based working, every task of the day doesn’t necessarily require the same amount of concentration and environment. While some work may need to be done in a quiet area in order to focus, other tasks are better realised when surrounded by people or your team. Not only seeing others working can be a real source of motivation, but also it facilitates interactions when a project has to be done as a team. For those reasons, coworking spaces are more and more offering different types of workspaces such as individual desks, collaborative areas or meeting rooms.


Let’s be honest, operating from the couch of their living room every day is not going to help your employees to meet people and maybe to create collaboration opportunities — shared offices do. It can build new partnerships and enhance your business expansion with new clients or collaborators. These workplaces are great for your team members to get out of their comfort zone and build new opportunities. It can also happen that your coworking space organises community events which is a great opportunity to network, interact with people and make new connections.

Employee retention and talent attraction

Being able to work from anywhere is one of the main advantages of hybrid work and it is something employees are looking for. Now that the pandemic has forced companies to implement more flexible concepts, employees have got the opportunity to enjoy the perks of those ways of working. It may be hard for them to take a step backwards and go back to a traditional working structure with a fixed desk and a set schedule. Coworking spaces allow you to maintain this flexibility which is an attractive factor for employee retention and talent acquisition.


Most of the time, renting an office requires you to sign a lease for a certain amount of time. On top of this, you don’t only need to pay for utility services, but also for equipment like desk shares, technology, etc. Shared offices are the perfect chance to reduce those costs. Either you don’t need to have your own office building, or you can simply rent a smaller one and offer a coworking space option to your employees. Paying only for the space your workforce needs also gives you the time, and money, to scale at your own speed without pressure.

Global expansion


Coworking spaces are often seen as places that are only dedicated to digital nomads, people on the go who work from anywhere in the world. While it might have been the case a few years ago, today, shared offices are also getting the interest of companies that want to expand worldwide. One of the benefits of being a flexible and hybrid company is that you can attract talents from everywhere in the world. This aspect is a real advantage in terms of accessing new places and new markets without having an office space yet.

Coworking spaces are without a doubt not only part of the future of work but an integral part of new work. No matter if your company has its own office space or not, the use of a shared office is likely to happen for any business promoting an employee-centric approach and flexibility. How do you manage your workplace? Are you offering a hybrid office layout, renting a shared space or both? To help you and your teams make the most of the hybrid working life, deskbird desk booking software supports you in many aspects (space management, health and safety in the workplace, data analysis, etc.). Request a free demo and discover a whole new world of modern work!



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