Desk Booking App: Why your Company Needs one

7 min readJun 20, 2022

How do you manage space optimization in your hybrid workplace? Can your employees easily plan their hybrid working schedule? How do you currently make sure they have the workspace they need when coming to the office? A desk booking app is a digital solution that all modern hybrid businesses need to perform and compete in the war of talent attraction. Why is that? Because flexibility is here to stay. However, this new way of working requires some changes in order to provide optimal results. This is what we are going to talk about in this article. From cost-saving to employee experience and productivity, using a hot-desking system is improving various aspects of the workplace like nothing before.

What are the benefits of a hot-desking system?

Improve Office Space Optimization

Relevant Workplace Analytics via your desk booking app

Using technology in your work environment enables you to collect specific data related to your business. It delivers clear insights regarding every aspect of your company: performance statistics, working behaviors, office space preferences, etc. Workplace analytics are a great resource to highlight areas of improvement and make relevant decisions. Which information can you get from a desk reservation tool? The best desk booking apps supply significant reports about your office occupancy, the most popular type of workspaces, the work patterns of your employees, and much more.

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Cost Savings Solutions

Data helps you improve the workplace and employee experience which has a direct positive impact on your business performance. Yet it also supports you in saving money. Getting a clear insight concerning how the office building is used enables you to make pertinent changes in terms of space management. You may realize that you offer too many single desks but collaborative areas are lacking, for example. What about equipment like computers, for instance? Do you need to provide one per employee if most of them bring their own device (BYOD) or work from home? By knowing this important information, you could reduce facility costs and instead invest in upskilling your teams or in solutions that improve your company’s culture!

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Appropriate Workspace Layout

The environment plays a huge role in your employees’ productivity and well-being. Therefore, creating an office design that answers their needs when they operate on-site is crucial. For hybrid teams, coming to the office is a chance for experiencing a positive atmosphere for social interactions and collaborative projects. . What happens if your team can’t get things done because of no access to the workspace they need? They may require a meeting room to discuss privately or a coworking zone to be quickly able to communicate with their colleagues. A hot desking system allows them to not only schedule the work area they favor but also contribute key information about their preferred working locations. After looking at the analytics collected by your desk booking software, you can adjust your workspace layout accordingly.


Foster Employee Experience with a hot desking system

Reduce sources of stress

Hybrid work is already a great solution to reduce anxiety among your workforce. It removes the stress of commuting, for example. But, what if your employees are concerned about not having a desk when coming to the office? Which is the impact of them not being able to have a seat close to their colleagues to work on a collaborative assignment? A hot desking system is the ideal solution to get more organized and fix these issues. In a few clicks, your collaborators can schedule their week, book their desks in advance and see where their teammates sit. For last-minute bookings, the deskbird app also offers an interactive floor plan. In a glimpse, your employees can locate their colleagues and reserve a desk next to them.

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Enjoy a simple Hybrid Work Solution for a Better Work-life Balance

Providing your workforce with a tool that helps balance the on-site and home office periods promotes a better work-life balance. Your team can reap the benefits of a simple and intuitive desk scheduling software at any time and from anywhere. It’s 10 p.m. and one of their kids is suddenly feeling sick? By connecting quickly to their desk booking app, they can switch the next day from an on-site day to a remote work day and reshuffle their week if needed. This shows the advantages of having such digital support in practice and how it improves the employee experience! Obviously, a better equilibrium between professional and personal activity decreases stress levels as well.

Ease Collaborative Processes and Coordination

What happens when your employees are discussing a collaborative project on Slack and decide to go to the office in the next few days for a big brainstorming session? Using the desk booking app’s integrations with communication platforms, they can directly pick a date and book the meeting room outfitted with the equipment they need. Such a tool also allows them to have a rapid overview of who is working at the office and on which days. Aligning teams’ schedules is then becoming a piece of cake!


Support Team Leaders and HR

Hybrid Team’s Management

When leading a hybrid team, keeping track of who is operating from home and who is at the office can sometimes get tricky. The same goes for employees who may prefer to work on-site when their manager is also in the workplace to avoid virtual meetings, for example. What about sick days and vacations? No matter the size of your company and your team, gathering all this information in one location for organization and management purposes is essential.

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Decision-making Support Tool

As mentioned when we talked about space optimization, a desk booking software is a great way to get concrete insights regarding your staff’s working habits and space utilization. Leaders and the human resources department can then make data-driven decisions based on these digital workplace analytics. Combined with workers’ feedback, this method can generate better results than only making changes founded on assumptions. It gives you a clear understanding of your workforce’s needs and helps you define priorities and where to focus to make hybrid work while fostering employees’ happiness.


How to use a desk booking app?

Set up your hot desking system according to your office layout

The first step is to define and share a clear hybrid work policy. How many days per week or month must your workers come to the office? Is flexitime an option for your team members or do you wish to maintain a traditional working hours model? How long in advance do they have to indicate their work location preferences on their employee scheduling system? The best solution is obviously to combine your needs as a company with the ones of your workforce. However, remember, the key to success is a working concept based on a people-centric approach.

Once everything is clear, you can enter all your staff details in your hot desking system and configure the office space. You will have to indicate the types of workspaces (single desks, meeting rooms, coworking spaces, parking lots, etc.) your office offers and how many are available. Finally, you will give your workforce access to their profiles so they can enjoy the benefits of an employee-focused modern solution!

Create a smooth workflow using integrations with Microsoft services and other software

For any hybrid team, it now seems impossible to operate without access to communication platform channels such as Slack, MS Teams, Office 365, Google Meet, and so on. To enhance collaboration, the best desk reservation apps have to offer integration with that software. Not only does it support coordination within the group but also with other departments. At deskbird, our goal is to provide businesses with workspace booking software that is easy and makes processes quick and efficient. For this reason, integrations appear like a must for creating a smooth workflow.


Use your Desk Booking App from Multiple Platforms

One of the major advantages of a desk booking app (at least if you choose to use deskbird) is that your employees can download both the app and the desktop version. Having mobile and web access make it simple to connect at any time and from anywhere. While working, they can either keep the desktop scheduling app open on a separate window or have it integrated into their main software mentioned above. Imagine that your alarm didn’t go off and you don’t want to start working even later because there is a one-hour commute? For a fast last-minute change in your timetable, your can quickly grab your phone and reshuffle your hybrid calendar.

Now knowing all these advantages of a hot desking system, can you still imagine doing hybrid work without having a desk booking app? Probably not. For your employee experience as much as for HR, management, and cost-saving purposes, this digital tool is a must for all modern businesses. Would you like to learn more about the deskbird app features? Contact our desk birds and request a free demo of our desk booking software.




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