Having happy employees matters: here are 9 reasons why

5 min readAug 15, 2022

We all want to be happy, right? ? Even if we are constantly striving for happiness, we predominantly focus on reaching it during our free time. But, why do we do this when we spend most of our lives working? How can we truly be content if the place we dedicate the majority of our time makes us unhappy? We have entered a new era where employee centricity plays a central role in how businesses are run. If you are an employer or a manager, having happy employees should be your top priority. Are you wondering how it can actually impact your business? Here are 9 reasons why workplace happiness matters.

1. Workplace happiness fosters a positive work environment

Being part of a happy workforce boosts employee engagement, experience and well-being in the workplace. It creates a work environment grounded in positivity and good vibes. The truth is nobody is happy all the time and our mood can deeply influence the way we work. Therefore, making sure your staff comes to work happily is essential. Interacting with colleagues that are happy can help overcome the bad days. Not only does it directly impact how your workforce feels but it also fosters better performance.

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2. Happy staff are more productive


As explored in our article about employee happiness and productivity, having a happy team is crucial for increasing workforce productivity. People that are satisfied with their job and the company they work for are naturally more engaged and motivated. They get things done in a shorter amount of time and deliver better results. The pursuit of a better work-life balance is key for both happiness and productivity. According to a PwC survey about the future of work, productivity increases when employees benefit from a hybrid work model.

3. A satisfied workforce is more loyal

Workers that are satisfied with their job, recognized by their manager, encouraged to climb the career ladder and feel aligned with the company’s values are more committed. They feel valued and therefore truly care about accomplishing their work to the best of their ability. . Workplace happiness undoubtedly contributes to employee loyalty. This is obviously great for an organization during hard times, but it also benefits businesses in various ways. For example, trustworthy workers are more engaged and eager to stay at the company.

4. Happy employees are more innovative and creative

Our mood greatly influences our creativity. Being unhappy certainly does not trigger innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities. However, when our brain is clear and our mood is positive, our capacity to think out of the box blossoms. Having a happy workforce full of resources allows your business to grow and enables you to stay ahead of your competitors. Look at Cisco, for instance. Classified as the best company to work for in 2022 by Fortune, the tech corporation makes its workforce’s well-being a priority, particularly by promoting the importance of work-life balance.

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5. Happiness in the workplace makes employees want to stay


Happy workers quit less than others because all the aspects that contribute to employee satisfaction also reduce turnover. If their position and the company culture are meeting their expectations, why would they want to leave? Evolving in a positive environment, working in a safe and people-centric atmosphere, being able to grow and develop new skills, receiving a fair salary and lifestyle benefits, all these factors are essential to fostering happiness in the workplace and retaining talent.

6. People wish to work in a happy workplace

Everybody wishes to work for an organization that focuses on answering its workers’ needs and increasing their level of satisfaction. However, work-life balance and ethical values are even more important for the youngest generations (Millenials and Gen Z). Yet, happy workplaces attract more top talent because they meet today’s employees’ expectations. The way your team talks about your company also plays a huge role in your brand image and inspires people to be part of the adventure. As the competition for highly skilled workers is tough, concentrating your efforts on how your team feels is a must.

7. Happy workers inspire others

When you are surrounded by negative people or a toxic environment, it doesn’t matter how optimistic you are, your surroundings will affect your mood and vice versa.. Happiness attracts positivity and creates a better work atmosphere. Happy workers inspire others in various ways such as staying positive, being resilient, being open to new ideas, being engaged, efficient, and so on. In the end, everybody is lifting each other up to build an enjoyable and successful work environment. Isn’t that what every manager wishes for?

8. A positive atmosphere improves well-being and mental health


One of the best benefits of keeping employees happy is the impact this has on their well-being and mental health. It decreases anxiety and the risk of psychological issues like burnout. Meeting colleagues on-site or virtually should not be a source of stress but rather something to be excited about. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as studies show. An article from Business Insider alarms that a number of Zoomers are already experiencing burnout. Improving employee well-being, therefore, becomes a priority.

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9. Happy employees lead to happy customers

This might sound cliché but we had to remind you one more time. Do you go back to a restaurant where the service was awful? We don’t, you probably don’t either and this is valid for any type of business. Even though the technology is everywhere, the human touch still matters the most and is what makes the difference. Happy employees make happy customers as well as partners. Workers who are satisfied with their job and proud of their company will naturally be better sellers and easily convince people to work with them and trust you.

These are only the nine main reasons why having happy employees is important. Obviously, there are many more that we could add to this list as building workplace happiness has a snowball effect. Because one of the key factors of workers’ satisfaction is experiencing better work-life balance, hybrid work is a great solution. Our desk booking app supports you and your team in embracing the benefits of flexibility. Do you want to know how? Request a free demo to discover how technology helps you focus on your workforce’s needs!




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