6 Actions to Make the Most of a Workplace Scheduling App


Are you still making your employee rosters manually? Are you wondering how technology can help you make this task more efficient and people-centric? A workplace scheduling app is THE modern solution you need. Not only does it save time and money but it also perfectly reflects the New Work trends and employee experience requirements. Flexibility is the core pillar of the future of work. It can include a ‘work from anywhere’ concept or flexitime opportunities. Of course, each company needs to figure out what is best for them and their workers. However, letting your teams plan their hybrid calendar by themselves enables everyone to enjoy hybrid work at its best. Whether you are a small or a big organisation, the hybrid model is here to stay. To succeed in making the most of this new working model, you have to provide your staff with the right tools. Employee scheduling software is one of the most important ones and is simply a must to improve workers’ experience and productivity. Are you wondering how it works and how it can support your team? Here are 6 steps to follow to make the most of hybrid employees’ scheduling.

Set up the rules of your hybrid employee schedule

Because each business is different, the best work scheduling app must be flexible to adapt to your needs. The deskbird app is based on a modular console to adjust to the unique requirements of every single organisation. Have you decided that your employees can come a maximum of three times a week? You can integrate this rule into your configuration. Do you want a specific zone of your office space to be attributed to one department only? You can also set this up.

Some businesses take flexibility further and implement flexitime in their working policy. We actually believe that this practice is going to increase gradually as many companies realise its advantages. Therefore, to support you in doing so, we make it simple for your workers to plan their week as flexibly as possible. They can organise their calendar by doing half-day on-site and the other half remote, for example. Once the back office is all set up, your employees can easily embrace all the benefits of using a desk booking and scheduling app.

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Connect to the app


Mobile app

The workplace scheduling app is available for iOS and Androids. Wherever your employees are (in a nice coffee shop, in their garden, in an airport hall, etc.), they can connect to their mobile app to plan their work calendar quickly according to their needs. For a secure sign in to the app, they can either use their own password or an SSO (Single Sign-On) provided.

Web app

Imagine your employees just finished an online meeting and they decided to meet on-site the next week to work on a project together. How do they plan this day and book the workspace they need? To make it simple our work scheduling app is also available as a web app and has many integration possibilities. They can either connect to it on the web or open it directly from MS Teams or Slack to block their day at the office and book a meeting room for the team.

Mix and match your entire week within a few clicks


Again, both businesses and employees have different needs. From a company point of view, we recommend first establishing clear hybrid work guidelines for your staff. Do they have to come to the office a minimum number of days per week or month? Do you allow flexitime in your work policy? Can they operate from anywhere in the world or do they have to live in the country where your firm is registered?

When everything is set and they have all the information they need to embrace the best of hybrid work, they can plan their working calendar according to your requirements and their needs. Either they choose to come to the office only when it is required, or more often because they perform better there than at home. It is their choice. They can simply mix and match their schedule between remote work and on-site days.

What happens if there is an unexpected event? Within a few clicks, they can reshuffle the calendar as necessary. For example, let’s say they are supposed to be on-site tomorrow. Unfortunately, public transport is not operating that day. They open the workplace scheduling app, switch to a remote day and come to the office the next day instead. Obviously, if any meeting is planned, they will need to inform their colleagues about it, reschedule it or do it online.

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Book the workspace you need when coming to the office

Now that their hybrid schedule is all set, they can choose to book the work spot they want for those days. According to the type of tasks they are performing, they might require access to different workspace types. For example:

  • Individual desk

While some people are motivated and perform better surrounded by their colleagues, others prefer to work alone in a quiet place. If your employees know they have a lot to get done, they may feel like having their own workspace will be more productive. A desk booking software allows them to book a desk for the duration they wish to and also choose the location of their work spot. Those who often need a little caffeine boost may favour sitting somewhere close to the coffee shop!

  • Meeting room

As mentioned, your team may decide to meet on-site to work on a particular project. After planning their day at the office on their calendar, the next step is to pick the correct meeting room. How many people are they going to be? How long are they going to use this space? Do they need any specific equipment? Once all the details have been considered, they can book a meeting room within a few clicks and for the duration they need it.

  • Collaborative area

For those who are coming to the office because their productivity is triggered by being with others, booking a desk in the collaborative area is the best option. Does your company have an open space where everybody can choose where to sit? Thanks to our interactive floor plan, your employees can directly see which desks are still available and who is sitting where from the app. This is the best way to work next to your favourite teammate!

Synchronise your workplace scheduling app to other software


Add your schedule to your own calendar

With the busy lives we have, we need to be very organised and have access to our timetable from anywhere. For this reason, once your employees have planned their hybrid schedule and booked their favourite workspace, they can synchronise everything to their agenda. They then have a perfect overview of the week and know which days they are working and from where.

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Synchronise with communication platforms for better collaboration

The most efficient and user-friendly feature that the best work scheduling apps should have is the option to integrate with communication platforms, such as Slack or MS Teams. Without leaving their work environment, your employees can schedule their week and book their work location in seconds.

Analyse data and make the most of hybrid work


Data is key to improving the way we work. It is an enormous advantage for companies to enhance various dimensions of their business, including HR strategies, room management and employee experience. For this reason, having access to a panel where you have an overview of the working habits of your workforce is essential. Here are some aspects where a hybrid employee scheduling analysis can be used to make the office space even better:

  • Space usage overview

By knowing when your employees are working from home, when they are in the office and which work zones they use the most, it is easier for you to understand how the workspace is utilised. For example, you may notice that almost nobody is booking a single desk. This analysis can help you review your office space planning. What about decreasing the number of individual stations and expanding the collaborative area? Observe, evaluate and make the correct adjustments according to the data provided by the workplace scheduling app.

  • Cost saving solution

Obviously, if you realise after a few months of hybrid employee scheduling that only 10% of your office space is regularly occupied, you are probably losing money leasing such a big space. Unless you the company building, you may want to consider renting the unused room to other companies, for example. Also, think about other costs such as workplace technology. Is it necessary to keep 100 computers if only 10 employees are on-site per day? Maybe a BYOD system is more appropriate. Real-estate expenses, company bills, tech spendings, there are various areas where checking data through your desk booking app can help you decrease your costs.

  • Employee experience support tool

Offering more flexibility to your workforce is definitely the first step to improving the employee experience within your organisation. Using hybrid employee scheduling is the next move to do so. It is a great solution, providing input about how workers feel and what they lack. You may realise that more people would like to work on-site or that nobody is actually commuting by car to come to the office. Again, you may then want to make some changes to answer their needs and upgrade the level of employee experience within your organisation!

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Our workplace scheduling app is user-friendly and allows your staff to design their own hybrid schedule quickly. It enables them not only to organise their weeks, but also book their favourite workspace in advance, or at the last minute by checking the interactive floor plan. We hope we answered all your questions about hybrid employee scheduling. If not, have a deeper look at all the people-centric features the deskbird app offers!



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